• Employment Screening

  • Chippewa Investigations offers a complete and comprehensive array of services to corporate and business clients nationwide. We have provided Employment Backgrounds and Screening services for over 40 years.

    Negligent Hiring and Retention litigation has shown how effective Employment Backgrounds and Screening have been in protecting the employer from unnecessary exposure and liability involving their employees. The courts have held the employer responsible for their employees actions when they did not properly conduct a background on their employees.

    Research is conducted with the Social Security Administration, and several other databases to determine if the SSN used by the applicant has in fact been issued to him, when and where. It also verifies with INS the status of the applicants legality in the US.

    Designed to identify fraudulent or misrepresented information given by the applicant. This is also used to establish the areas where criminal and civil records should be searched. Today's applicants have lived in two or more places over the past seven years.

    Driving records reveal patterns of social behavior such as driving under the influence, reckless driving, driving on suspended license and driving without insurance. When an employee operates a motor vehicle in any capacity during the course of his employment, the liability of his actions revert back to the employer. These records are available in all fifty states and some provinces.

    These records reveal violent tendencies, drug usage, theft, dishonesty, and other actions that potentially impact safety and security to all employees in the work place. These records are searched via computer and hand searched in all fifty states with a turn around time of approximately 24 to 48 hours.

    Records searched involve private parties, businesses, corporations and governmental agencies. Civil court records reveal such issues as personal injury, sexual harassment, contract disputes, and many other things that could involve or impact the applicant's employer.

    Verify previous claims of employment and related work experience. Some of the areas covered is job performance, stability in their position, period of employment, reason for departure, and other information that may be volunteered by previous employers.

    This is an area that is very important to employers because they are hiring this applicant with the understanding that they have the education to perform the required job. It has been found that over 50% of all applicants do not give the entire truth about their education and in half of that percentage, applicants tell total fabrications. There are over 2600 educational institutions in the US that we verify degrees and attendance through.

    We research many other entities for employers after the applicant has completed his interviews and offered a position, many of which can only be done after the employee has been employed. All searches are done under FCRA REGULATIONS*