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Confidential services for individuals and businesses seeking discrete inquiries into personal, legal, or financial matters.

Whether it’s a matter of the heart, a financial query, or a legal puzzle, our private investigation services are tailored to meet your confidential needs. With utmost discretion, our seasoned detectives dive into the intricacies of personal, financial, and legal situations to unearth the truth. We pride ourselves on our ability to gather information efficiently and discreetly, providing our clients with clarity and peace of mind.

Background checks and employment screening services to ensure the integrity and reliability of potential hires for your business or organization

Making the right hiring decision is crucial for the success of your business. Our employment screening services delve deep into the history of your potential hires, verifying credentials, checking references, and ensuring there are no hidden surprises. Our comprehensive approach to background checks helps you build a reliable, trustworthy team.

Investigations to support civil cases, including divorce, custody, and litigation support, ensuring thorough preparation for legal proceedings.

Civil cases require a strategic approach, and our civil investigation services provide that edge. We support legal teams and private clients with thorough investigations, gathering the necessary evidence for divorce proceedings, custody cases, and other civil matters. Our detailed reports are designed to give you the best possible position in any litigation process.

In-depth analysis using forensic science to rebuild crime scenes, crucial in interpreting the chain of events and aiding in court case presentations

Our crime scene reconstruction specialists utilize state-of-the-art forensic science to piece together what transpired at a crime scene. By analyzing all aspects of the scene, from bloodstain patterns to ballistic trajectories, we aid legal teams in visualizing the sequence of events. This service is not just about presenting facts; it’s about telling the story of the crime in a scientifically supported, compelling manner.

Dedicated investigative services for homicide cases, providing families and legal teams with the support needed to uncover critical details and evidence.

In the wake of tragedy, our homicide investigation team offers meticulous and compassionate services to families seeking answers. We work alongside legal professionals to delve into the complexities of the case, piecing together the events that led to the loss of life. Our dedication to uncovering the truth offers solace to those affected and reinforces the pursuit of justice.

Forensic services employing the latest in scientific techniques to analyze evidence and provide clear, accurate results for legal cases, investigations.

The backbone of modern investigation lies in forensics, and our lab is at the forefront of technological advancement in evidence analysis. From DNA sequencing to digital forensics, our team applies rigorous scientific techniques to assist in a wide range of cases. Our forensic reports provide critical insights that can be the turning point in investigative and legal outcomes.

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While serving as a police officer in the State of Kentucky Jack Westwood was solely responsible for the tracking down and capture of two mass murderers that had committed 12 homicides and wounded several other people during and after their escape from the federal lockup. Mr. Westwood, owner of Chippewa Investigations, has over 55 years of combined law enforcement and investigative experience. Call today and put that experience to use for YOU!


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